Our Ethos

To awaken ourselves through a conscious relationship with mind, body & soul. To know oneself and to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things.

To awaken ourselves through a conscious relationship with mind, body & soul. To know oneself and to acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things.


We believe in the idea that human beings have the potential to reach beyond the three dimensions and five senses experienced day to day, that a different perception of reality may arise if dormant areas of the brain become active and that this type of awareness and the advance-ment of human health and consciousness in general, is blighted by the modern, western geopolitical climate in which we live, effectively alien-ating us from the true nature of reality.

We believe in making the most of our minds and bodies and that using ancient wisdom and natural, highly nutritious ingredients, enables us to achieve greater health through a more grass roots and informed experience of the Earth's resources. It is logical that avoiding unhealthy foods and habits and feeding the trillions of cells in our bodies with high quality nutrition will help our endocrine, nervous and immune sys-tems to fully function, allowing the body to maximise its resources and work as nature intended.

As the number of people suffering from allergies, depression and psychological disorders keeps increasing, it is time to question the clever marketing and ask ourselves if we are going to continue to be hypnotised into consuming refined, processed and nutritionally dead foods? If we are going to continue to allow the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants for the sake of profit? Let us not accept the paradigm of being submissive slaves to corporations and the media, blindly hopping on board the post human train. Let us dance to our own drum.


We watch as global and national politics sways left and right, puppets playing the same game, election upon election, decade after decade as we purr for the decadent veil to be lifted. We are born, without choice, into debt. Our health care system is under pressure from the pharma-ceutical industry, who make no money out of healthy people whilst our schools offer rhetoric for those who obey and for those that don’t the problem must be clinically diagnosed and the subject tranquillized with drugs. We frequently hear of deliberate misinformation and govern-ment cover ups while the media continue the remit of obfuscation. In a world where it is possible that Donald Trump can have his finger hov-ering over the nuclear button and logic and wisdom are thrown out of the window in favour of entertainment, let us remove the lens they force in front of us and look at the world with our own eyes and reconnect with our true selves. Let us define our own reality, our own way of life, not the one prescribed for us by a system that is hell bent on keeping us shackled.

Small Changes

Nature's finest ingredients are available from the cornucopia that exists outside our windows. More and more people have tried or heard about the wonders of so called ‘super foods’ but are confused about how to ingest them. So we had a thought and with the waves of synchronicity we sourced high grade, ethical ingredients and put all the good stuff together, leaving out all the lies and toxins that ultimately only serve to do us, and the environment, harm.

We aren’t alone on this planet and yet far too often we act with impunity and apathy towards our home and everything in it. We at Enchanted Brave are hopeful for a different future and although our little company is but a drop in the river of change we believe we can help to influence the flow.

Let us inspire each other towards a healthier and more conscientious future.